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Raleigh trivia game for at-home and virtual game nights


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Host a Raleigh-themed trivia night with our questions! 

Want to play a Raleigh trivia game with local questions? If you’re a fan of Jackbox, Houseparty games or the platform we use for live trivia events (Kahoot!) this is for you!

Raleigh trivia questions on history, civics, current events and places will help you test your knowledge and learn about the great place we live along the way. Play with friends or on your own!

Here’s how it works: When you purchase our Raleigh trivia game, you’ll get a link to our trivia game built in Kahoot!

Sign up for a free personal account in Kahoot! to play. You can play at home with up to 10 players or play with friends virtually when you share your screen. (Note: Each player will need a smartphone to log their answers!)

The questions are kid-friendly, so you can also play as a family.

Bonus: You’re supporting Raleigh Convergence with your purchase!

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