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The Raleigh Convergence started in April 2019 with a belief that we’re not just residents of the same place — we’re neighbors.

When more people feel connected to the place we call home, they are more likely to vote, support local business and take action to make Raleigh and Wake County a better place.

This modern media company, started by veteran journalist Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen, provides free content and newsletters for Raleigh and Wake County.

We don’t wall off our content to only those who can pay for it. It’s free for all to read as much as you want!

If you believe in our mission, we’d appreciate your financial contribution to help keep us going.


Your dollars support the self-funded, locally-owned Raleigh Convergence, part of Minerva Media Co.


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  • An investment in future growth for community-centric projects from the Raleigh Convergence (more to come).


Raleigh is our home. We want to strengthen our collective community by celebrating its people and by thoughtfully discussing areas where we can do better. 

We believe y’all means all: We believe in celebrating the diversity of our community and examining ways we can make Raleigh safer and more welcoming to all.

We believe in truth-telling, accuracy, fairness and transparency. (And when you think we miss the mark, we welcome a conversation). 

We believe in the power of stories to connect people. 

We believe in supporting local and in Raleigh-made ideas, products and art.

We believe in kindness, civil conversation, voting, art and Raleigh.

We believe in taking action and seeking solutions. 

We believe we’re all in this together.