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Cary newcomer guide: The New Neighbor Project

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Ready to transform from Cary newcomer to in-the-know neighbor? Enter The New Neighbor Project.

It’s a new way modern local media company Raleigh Convergence is connecting neighborhood and Cary newcomers to the place we know and love.

When you sign up for The New Neighbor Project guides, a weekly emailed series, you’ll get guides to your new community delivered to your inbox.

The guides are written by an engaged Cary resident, Maggie Mae Whittemore — she’s a former Miss Cary!

Consider it the fast-track to making Cary feel like home.

You’ll also be signed up for Raleigh Convergence’s three weekly newsletters, which include what’s going on now, from new openings to new ways to plug into your new home.


(Note: If you’re an existing Raleigh Convergence subscriber, you can update your info by checking the box for your community and re-entering your email address.).

The guides include:

  • Can’t-miss Cary experiences
  • Cary history
  • How to get involved in Cary
  • A self-guided tour through Cary — family- and social-distancing-friendly!
  • PLUS: Get updates on upcoming events especially for newcomers like you!

The New Neighbor Project will also connect you with existing neighbors and the corresponding community ambassador through Facebook Group discussions and events.

๐Ÿ‘ You can request to join the Facebook groups now or join at the end of your newsletter sequence!: Cary Facebook Group

More about the New Neighbor Project: Cary Community Ambassador:

Maggie describes herself as โ€œjust a northern girl navigating the southern world.โ€ After moving from Maine to North Carolina after graduating from college in 2017 with a degree in Media Studies, Digital Arts and Journalism, she made her new home in the Town of Cary. This transition was made easy by those in her new neighborhood that welcomed her with open arms.

Throughout 2019, Maggie represented Cary in two different statewide pageants, holding the title of Miss Cary for both. With this title, she made it her goal to become involved through volunteering to give back to and meet the people she was representing. She attended over 15 events throughout the year including celebrations like the Pimento Cheese Festival, the Cary Road Race, and the Bond Park Pumpkin Flotilla.

Maggie is delighted to get to be the Community Ambassador for Cary and is enthusiastic to get her new and established neighbors connected.

More about The New Neighbor Project: The New Neighbor project from Raleigh Convergence is the recipient of a Community Network grant from the Facebook Journalism Project and The Lenfest Institute for Journalism.

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