About the Raleigh Convergence

The Raleigh Convergence is a modern local journalism publication with curated email newsletters, original content and community-centric events.

Raleigh Convergence is a part of Minerva Media Co., a locally-owned and operated modern storytelling strategies company in Raleigh, N.C., and the Research Triangle area.

Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen is the Editor & Publisher of the Raleigh Convergence and founder of Minerva Media Co., a trained journalist with more than a decade of experience at USA Today, the Des Moines Register, The (Palm Springs, Calif.) Desert Sun and The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle. [read more]

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Raleigh is our home. We want to strengthen our collective community by celebrating its people and by thoughtfully discussing areas where we can do better. 

We believe y’all means all: We believe in celebrating the diversity of our community and examining ways we can make Raleigh safer and more welcoming to all.

We believe in truth-telling, accuracy, fairness and transparency. (And when you think we miss the mark, we welcome a conversation). 

We believe in the power of stories to connect people. 

We believe in supporting local and in Raleigh-made ideas, products and art.

We believe in kindness, civil conversation, voting, art and Raleigh.

We believe in taking action and seeking solutions. 

We believe we’re all in this together. 


Minerva Media Co. as a business makes the Raleigh Convergence possible as a sustainable, local and independent media organization. Individuals and organizations may pay Minerva Media Co. for workshops, services and products; individuals and organizations may contribute to Raleigh Convergence to support its information equity mission.

However, the decisions to include or omit news or information about specific businesses, people, products or organizations is solely based on the value it brings to the communities we serve. 

Our ethics are consistent with journalism practices, which you can read more about on the Society of Professional Journalists site, the basics of which are: seek the truth and report it; minimize harm; act independently; be accountable and transparent. 

We don’t include unverified rumors and we work to be accurate, transparent and fair. 

We’re not a partisan organization. We don’t report to anyone but you, the community. 


Our community guidelines

Because we believe in civil conversation and respect, we don’t tolerate personal attacks, including name-calling or mocking, and we err on the side of kindness when we see such comments on our Instagram account. If we miss something, or if you disagree with the removal of a comment, email raleighconvergence@gmail.com

Please stay on topic. Off-topic or spammy posts are subject to removal. Is there a topic you wish we’d cover? Send us an email and let’s talk. 

Corrections & clarifications

Accuracy and transparency are core to what we do, and we try to be factually correct when we publish newsletters or other content. If a correction or additional information for understanding is needed, we want to address it. 

Here is how we handle challenges of facts in the Raleigh Convergence: Send an email to editor@raleighconvergence.com with specifics. We will review every challenge of factual information.

Corrections and clarifications will run with an editor’s note in the next newsletter if the content in question was in an email newsletter. If the content was on our Instagram account in editable text, we’ll edit the caption to include the correction and put an editor’s note in the comment. 

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