Raleigh Convergence will stop publishing April 1, 2022. Read more.

Personal news from the editor + changes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Raleigh Convergence is no longer publishing, as of April 1, 2022. Read more.

Here’s the thing about being a solopreneur: Raleigh Convergence’s publishing and my time are one and the same.

So my personal news is also Raleigh Convergence news:

I’m expecting my second child! If you’ve attended an in-person storytelling event, this was likely obvious, but for the casual reader, this is definitely news.

Taking time to bond with my new child and heal is important, though paid leave or hiring someone to fill in isn’t something this business can currently support.

Instead, I’m getting creative on content and operating differently during this important time. Read on for the details.

What that means for Raleigh Convergence’s publishing

Beginning Dec. 1, Raleigh Convergence will go from publishing newsletters Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to publishing newsletters weekly.

A series of community leaders sharing their ideas for Raleigh in 2022 will largely be the content for the first month or so. I’m excited about the essays lined up so far, and you won’t want to miss one! [sign up for the newsletter here!]

These Thursday newsletters will also include paid promotions from our self-service native advertising portal our paid jobs postings.

Weekly hyperlocal COVID-19 analysis will be shorter.

By early February, expect more volume and reconsidered content.  

Our self-service promotions portal is accessible anytime! However, there will be a 72-hour turnaround time between submitting an ad and the send time.

With limited availability through December and January, you’ll want to get your ad in early anyway!

If you’re not familiar, this custom message is the only ad in the newsletter and is a high-value placement.

A promotion includes a headline + emoji, image (600×400 image or crop using in-tool editor), 650-character message and call to action link. [launch tutorial]

Storytelling podcast

While Raleigh Convergence is intentionally free for all to read as much as you wish, I’m so grateful for the folks who choose to support this locally-owned news org.

Member benefits include a weekly recap podcast, but that feed will become a storytelling podcast, sharing a story each week from our last two Converging Stories events.

Become a member to not only support Raleigh Convergence’s mission but to have access to our members-only podcast feed to get true, first-person stories in audio form.

Turnaround time

The early days of caregiving for an infant and recovering from birth are intense, so turnaround time for email responses from Dec. 1 (or earlier, pending baby’s arrival!) will be about 72 hours.

To be vulnerable, I’m anxious about what will happen to this business without my active, full-time involvement.

I’m also a mom to a 3 1/2-year-old, so while this isn’t my first child, it’s different this time around.

The last time I gave birth, I had paid leave through my job in legacy media.

My partner has paid leave through his work, but taking family leave as a caregiver shouldn’t be a privilege.

Just as I took a leap of faith in starting Raleigh Convergence, I’m taking another leap: That this community will sustain it while I take care of my family.

That looks like recommending our advertising + jobs products to decision-makers, becoming a member or sharing our content with a friend (free!). Thank you for reading, and for your support of Raleigh Convergence.

My email inbox is always open, and I’d love to hear from you. Find me at editor@raleighconvergence.com anytime.

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Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen is the editor of Raleigh Convergence.

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