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Wake County towns’ new leaders and ballot measures voted ‘yes’ by locals

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In Tuesday’s 2021 elections, Wake County residents chose elected leaders in towns including: Apex, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Morrisville, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell and Zebulon.

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Here are those unofficial election results, including bond measures that will fund projects like street improvements, parks and fire stations.


In Apex, three town council seats are likely to be filled by incumbent Brett Gantt, newcomer Ed Gray and incumbent Audra Killingsworth.

Brett Gantt5,86718.71%
Ed Gray5,80218.51%
Audra Killingsworth5,66018.05%
Christine Hale4,79515.29%
Tim Powell4,79515.29%
Gordon Williford4,39914.03%
Write-In (Miscellaneous)340.11%

The 2021 Streets and Sidewalks bond measure passed with 71% of ‘yes’ votes. Among the projects it will fund:

  • Sidewalk projects to schools and across railroad crossings, especially in pedestrian routes to Downtown Apex.
  • Completes the Apex Peakway southwest connection from NC55 to S. Salem Street
  • Improves street conditions by funding a “backlog” of road rehabilitation projects.


In Fuquay-Varina, current commissioner and mayor pro tem Blake Massengill received 50.33% of votes in the unofficial results for mayor. Bill Harris received the second-most votes with 41.5%.

The Board of Commissioners unofficial results are close for the two available seats, with Tracy Watson as the top vote-getter and Bryan Haynes receiving 130 votes more than current commissioner Jason Wunsch:

Tracy Watson3,09835.15%
Bryan Haynes2,88632.75%
Jason Ora Wunsch2,75631.27%
Write-In (Miscellaneous)730.83%

Parks and Recreation bonds and Transportation Improvements bonds passed, at 69% and 76%. Some of what the bond measures will fund:


In Garner, two town council seats were up for a vote. The unofficial results show Mayor Pro Tem Kathy Behringer and Town Council Member Gra Singleton will return to office.

Kathy Behringer1,79235.31%
Gra Singleton1,75734.62%
Rachel Tourdot1,47229.00%

Garner’s four bond measures all passed. Some of what the bonds will fund:

  • Streets and Sidewalk Improvement Bonds: Widening and improvements along Jones Sausage Road, developing local bus transit
  • Parks and Recreational Bonds: development of “including multipurpose athletic fields on the Yeargan property on East Garner Road and nature trails and other amenities in Meadowbrook near White Oak Road,” plus expansion of Greenway trails and future park acquisition.
  • Public Safety and Services: Develop a joint-use facility with Wake County EMS, Garner’s fifth fire station.
  • Stormwater: Replace “old and aging storm drain infrastructure.”

Holly Springs

Holly Springs voted for a new mayor, with Sean Mayefskie as the top vote getter. Mayor Richard G. Sears did not run for re-election.

Sean Mayefskie4,42460.69%
Christine Kelly2,85639.18%

Holly Springs also elected three town council members, re-electing Dan Berry, choosing newcomers Timothy Forrest and Kristi Bennett:

Dan Berry4,80424.22%
Timothy Forrest4,52322.80%
Kristi Bennett4,45622.47%
Carrie Randa2,73913.81%
Jahmar Cobb2,62413.23%
Susan Smith6023.04%
Write-In (Miscellaneous)870.44%


In Knightdale, Mayor Jessica Day received a large percentage of the votes in her first mayoral election. She was appointed mayor earlier this year after former mayor James Roberson was appointed to a statehouse role.

Jessica Day1,23473.45%
Charles Bullock, Sr.44026.19%
Write-In (Miscellaneous)60.36%

The Knightdale Town Council’s three seats include newcomer Steve Evans and incumbents Latatious Morris and Mayor Pro Tem Mark Swan.

Steve Evans1,09727.20%
Latatious Morris1,05126.06%
Mark Swan96323.88%
Chris Parker87421.67%
Write-In (Miscellaneous)481.19%


Morrisville Mayor TJ Cawley received the most votes for re-election.

TJ Cawley1,81159.36%
Liz Johnson1,22840.25%
Write-In (Miscellaneous)120.39%

Morrisville’s Town Council will likely include three incumbents: Steve Rao in at at-large seat (62.4% of votes), Donna L. Fender for District 2 (unopposed) and Vicki Scroggins-Johnson for District 4 (59.6% of votes over candidate Patty Wei-Pei Cheng’s 39.96%).

Three bond measures passed, which include:


In unofficial results, Rolesville’s three open board of commissioners’ seats will be filled by incumbent April Sneed, newcomer Dan T. Alston and incumbent Paul Vilga.

April Sneed64825.08%
Dan Tyrone Alston56221.75%
Paul Vilga46818.11%
Jacky Wilson45517.61%
Steven D. Dieckhaus43116.68%
Write-In (Miscellaneous)200.77%

Wake Forest

In Wake Forest, longtime mayor Vivian Jones received 54.29% of the votes over candidate Bridget Wall-Lennon, 45%.

The second of two board of commissioners seats are a difference of 36 votes in the unofficial results, showing newcomer Nick Sliwinski as the winner of the second spot:

R. Keith Shackleford2,88125.56%
Nick Sliwinski2,80624.90%
Michael Molinaro2,77024.58%
Liz Simpers2,19619.48%
Patrick Griffin5905.23%
Write-In (Miscellaneous)280.25%


The results for Wendell‘s three commissioner seats show incumbent Jon Lutz, newcomer Deans Eatman and incumbent Jason Joyner in the top three spots.

Jon Lutz68020.23%
Deans Eatman65619.51%
Jason Joyner63618.92%
Allison Yeargin54416.18%
Braxton Davis Honeycutt42712.70%
Michael Firstbrook3139.31%
Josh Sledge962.86%
Write-In (Miscellaneous)100.30%


Zebulon’s Mayor Pro Tem Glenn York received a large 83% of votes over candidate Patrick Bolger to become the town’s next mayor. Current mayor Bob Matheny is retiring and didn’t run for re-election.

The two commissioner seats will likely include newcomer Quentin Miles and incumbent Beverly Clark.

Quentin Miles40141.64%
Beverly Wall Clark20321.08%
Annie Jean Moore18118.80%
Kacie Germano17618.28%
Write-In (Miscellaneous)20.21%

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