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Meet the storytellers for Converging Stories: Tradition!

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We’re rolling out introductions of the community storytellers who will share true, first-person stories on the theme of Tradition.

Our live storytelling event will have two options to join:

🗓️ In-person event details: Converging Stories: Tradition will be 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 8. at Pine State Coffee, 1614 Automotive Way, off Capital Boulevard in Raleigh. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $15. [TICKETS]

 🗓️ Virtual details: Converging Stories: Tradition will be 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 10, live over Zoom. Tickets are $10. [TICKETS]

Meet the storytellers

🎙️ STORYTELLER Adé Carrena 

Adé, owner of Dounou cuisine, was born in Benin. Early on in her career, she saw that food could encourage shared emotion in which we could have intentional experiences.

Her mission is to bridge cultural gaps by curating authentic West African dining experiences in which she shares the culture of her beautiful home, Benin. She has recently launched a packaged food brand, Iléwa.

Through her food brand, Adé works with female entrepreneurs in Benin and across West Africa in hopes to create a more equitable future.

🎙️ STORYTELLER Preeti Waas

Since the age of nine, Sugar and Spice Kitchen Owner/Baker and Cheeni Chief Tasting Officer Preeti has cooked and baked her way from India to North Carolina.

She has owned two bakeries and a catering company specializing in custom menus and wedding cakes, but it the cookies that started it all.

Through her commercial kitchen, Preeti is able to do what she loves — bake, and make people happy.

🎙️ STORYTELLER Lucy Tobias

Lucy and her pup Dazey

Lucy’s life motto is “pugs, pinot, pizza.” She moved to Raleigh from NYC with her husband and two dogs just a few months ago. 

She loves trash tv, any kind of carb and is excited to get to know Raleigh better.

She’s currently a lifestyle contributor for WRAL and Marketing Director at Artsplosure. 

🎙️ STORYTELLER Isabel O’Hara Walsh


Isabel (she/they) is a writer, teacher, and the owner of EdgeWise Witch, a holistic witchcraft business offering Tarot readings, personalized spells, and other ways to deepen our relationships with ourselves and the world.

Isabel has practiced Tarot and witchcraft for many years, and loves connecting with people through the cards and the natural magic available all around us.

They have an MFA in fiction from NC State and are working on their second novel, and they teach fiction classes for the Redbud Writing Project.

Some other things about Isabel:

  • She loves spooky books and movies
  • She recharges her battery by snuggling with her animal companions and reading
  • She plays folk music.

About Converging Stories: Converging Stories is a local live storytelling series from Raleigh Convergence. Storytellers are Raleigh area residents — your neighbors.

Each storyteller shares a true, first-person story around the night’s theme. 

This event is themed ‘Tradition,’ and each 10-minute story is a literal or metaphorical interpretation of that theme.

This is the last Converging Stories event of the 2021 season. The next season will begin in spring 2022.

Thanks to our supporting sponsors, Sharon Jackman Hynotherapy for Women and Home Instead!

Thanks to our media sponsorWUNC!

Learn more about sponsorships by emailing editor@raleighconvergence.com!

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