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What to know about Cary’s redistricting and how to give feedback

An archive photo of Downtown Cary fountain, Nov. 2019.

The Town of Cary is redrawing its council districts with updated Census data, and you can give feedback now.

Why it matters: The decennial (every 10 years) census aims to count every person where they live. Redrawing the lines is meant to better balance residents’ representation. The new maps use updated 2020 Census data.

Cary’s maps: There are two maps being considered for adoption: Option 1 and Option 2.

The differences are between districts B and C. In Option 1, District C is slightly larger. In Option 2, District B is slightly larger.

A look at the maps shows three areas that change between the two districts:

  • Two tracts just north of Southwest Cary Parkway and west of Kildaire Farm Road
  • An area south of Maynard and west of Walnut streets.

How to give feedback: Cary residents can share comments in a few ways:

  • Submit your comments by phone: Call 311 inside Cary or (919) 469-4000 outside town limits
  • Email 311@townofcary.org
  • Comment at the Oct. 21 town council meeting [sign up]

What’s next: The town council will adopt a map at the Nov. 9 council meeting. The election with the new districts will be March 8, 2022.

More info on the process: [town site]


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