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Introducing: Raleigh Convergence’s new newsletter promotion portal

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Recently, I was reading a news story on another website and it seemed like every two paragraphs there was an ad to scroll through. 

That’s not even the worst — the ads that autoplay sound when you’re not expecting it, or those weird ads for diets or about celebrities that too often run on legitimate websites. 

From the beginning, I committed to non-obtrusive or misleading ads on Raleigh Convergence products. I believe that trust means valuing your attention and creating a quality digital space. 

Quality digital space also means creating a platform for local organizations and businesses to promote their products, services and work. It took me a while to find the Goldilocks of platforms, something that was a quality experience for both advertisers and readers.

That starts with a new, self-service newsletter promotion portal, which launches for Raleigh Convergence today! 

It uses Letterhead, a service created by a community-minded company, WhereBy.Us, and used by quality newsletters such as The New Tropic in Miami and the California Sun. 

I have a quick tutorial below, but you can also just get started right away and it will guide you through each step, including previews of your promotion.

As a limited-time launch week gift, we’ll share a 25% off code for your promotion package — which can be used for a newsletter ad anytime in 2021: RALEIGHLAUNCH

Have additional questions? Email editor@raleighconvergence.com

How to submit your promotion

Get started 

Visit https://store.tryletterhead.com/raleigh-convergence

Purchase a promotion package

  • $100/one newsletter promotion
  • $250 for three newsletter promotions. 

PS: You don’t have to commit to a date yet, but you should use it in 2021. 

We’re celebrating our launch with a one-week discount of 25% on either package! Use code RALEIGHLAUNCH at checkout until 10 a.m. Aug. 1, 2021.

Sign up for an account

It will ask for your name, email address and a password. 

Complete transaction

Use a card to complete the transaction, and a promo code if you have it (see above). 

After completing the transaction, you can exit the dashboard to create a promotion in the future or click “create promotion” to start your ad now.

Promotion specifications: The ad includes your organization name, headline, 650-character text, 600×400 image (crop any image using the editor), and call-to-action with link.

Creating your promotion: After clicking “create promotion,” a screen will prompt you for your business name, headline, image (horizontal, it will help you crop), text, call to action link and CTA text. Then you will select the date you’d like the promotion to run. 

You’ll see a preview on the side so you’ll know what the promotion will look like in the newsletter. 

The approval process: After you click “schedule,” your promotion will be pending. You’ll receive an email with that status. A reviewer — this editor — will make sure the link works and meets our community standards. 

If there are issues with an ad (such as a caught typo or broken link) you’ll receive an email with a question to resolve. More often, you’ll receive a confirmation that the ad is confirmed. 

Receipt: A receipt will be emailed to you and will be accessible in your dashboard anytime.

PS: This is just one part of the promotional capabilities with Raleigh Convergence — contact Lee Pike at membership@raleighconvergence.com to learn more about corporate membership.

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Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen is the editor of Raleigh Convergence.

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