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Give input on “missing middle” housing and outdoor spaces

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If you listen to Raleigh City Council, you may hear about text changes — which sounds wonky, but matters.

Before something is built or developed, it must be consistent with the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

Text changes adapt those rules, after going through the approval process:

  • Someone (often the city council) requests a text change.
  • The text change is drafted and made available to review by the public in this portal.
  • The planning commission reviews and makes a recommendation
  • Then, the city council makes a decision.

Here are three current or upcoming text changes to review:

Missing Middle:
A text change “intended to increase housing options.” An explainer video also defines missing middle housing as something in between large apartment buildings and single-family houses, such as townhomes, duplexes, small apartment homes or cluster homes. This change would layer in these types of homes among single family homes and planned communities. Give input in the form as late as Tuesday, but the Planning Commission meeting is Monday. [overview]

Outdoor amenity areas:
The text change would make it easier to develop outdoor spaces, especially in downtown mixed use zoned areas. Give input by Sunday. [overview]

Next: Tiny Houses. By removing barriers for tiny house communities and adding possible incentives, we could see more tiny houses to help with affordable housing supply. The Raleigh City Council approved staff drafting a text change (step one) on Tuesday. More on tiny houses: [INDY Week]

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