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We want your input on the future.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Raleigh Convergence is no longer publishing, as of April 1, 2022. Read more.

I launched Raleigh Convergence in April 2019 with a set of guiding values, a belief in the future of local journalism and a love of our community. 

As Raleigh Convergence grows, I’m continuously grateful for the community that embraces this Raleigh-grown idea.

Thank you for reading, engaging, subscribing to curated (free) newsletters, telling stories and attending Convergence events over the last year and a half. 

As I think about the future, for a modern local news organization that creates with you, not just for you, I need your help.

I need your insights and opinions on the strategic direction for Raleigh Convergence. 

I’m seeking your feedback in a new survey. Your responses will be anonymous through the survey. 


I want to know more about who you are, what you value about Raleigh Convergence and what you look for in an organization that you support. 

Here’s the truth: Raleigh Convergence is not yet sustainable. It’s a business, and both the costs associated with running a media business and investment my time are significant. 

Despite those hurdles, I believe this community will support and grow what you believe in. 

If you believe in:

Information equity, that quality journalism should remain free for those who can’t afford to because of the support of those who value it;

Smart, thoughtful, concise and contextual information that helps residents navigate life and access to power in Wake County; 

Inclusive values, from the diversity of the voices you hear at our events and bylines on our site to our ongoing efforts to show the many ways we as a community identify;

Storytelling and empathy, whether that’s through our live storytelling event series Converging Stories or through our approach to content; or

Supporting local culture, independent businesses and homegrown ideas, then you have an interest in the shape and continuation of Raleigh Convergence. 

Before launching anything, I wanted to hear from you first. Please take a moment to fill this survey for your local news organization, Raleigh Convergence.

In gratitude, 

Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen
Raleigh Convergence editor, founder and publisher. 

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Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen is the editor of Raleigh Convergence.

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