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4 ways to fall in love with Knightdale

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Photo by Arlene Brown

By Arlene Brown | for Raleigh Convergence

New to Knightdale and looking for things to do? This post is part of Raleigh Convergence’s New Neighbor Project, which connects newcomers to the Raleigh area with content from community members around things to do, civic engagement, local history and more.

I am Arlene Brown and I have fallen in love… (don’t tell my husband.) Since moving to Raleigh in 2015, I have been infatuated by all of the many gems the city has to offer.

Now, as a Knightdale community resident, I have fallen head over heels for the bites, sights and experiences that only this community can offer.

This love affair is renewed daily, so let me count the ways and reasons why I love Knightdale.

Knightdale Spring Carnival 

This adorably colorful annual fair takes place in Midtown Commons, and is truly a sight to behold. The carnival has all the games, food a fun you would experience at the NC State Fair, all without leaving the town’s ZIP code.

Knightdale Station Park 

Now that fall is in the air, it’s time to visit to this wonderful 76-acre park and recreation station.

The Station has something for everyone including a playground, dog park, walking/running trails, athletic fields, shelters, pavilions, splash pad, and an amphitheater. If you’re looking for a place to simply unwind or to make a new friend (without or without fur, from a 6-foot distance), look no further! [parks and playgrounds open in Phase 2.5]

Oak City Brewing Company 

Give this girl a good brew that is within walking distance of a good time (Knightdale Station), and call me happy! I personally love the variety of beer served (curbside, currently) and the rotation of the Oink and Moo food truck that visits. [stay updated on their offerings]

Their beer is so good, I’d even consider joining the Run Club once it starts back up again. You know they say, love will make you do crazy things…


Sellin’ My Honey

I know, it sounds like I am having a full on rendezvous with the Town of Knightdale, and in fact, that’s sort of true. One visit to the adorable honey stand, and you’ll “bee” hooked.

As you ride down Knightdale Blvd., you’ll see the sign coaxing you in to find out more. Once you approach the iconic house on wheels to make your purchase of delectable honey, you’ll linger over the taste and the experience for days to come. [more online]

As your neighbor, I look forward to continuing to share my love story and invite you to create your own in our home of Knightdale. 

About the New Neighbor Project Knightdale Ambassador:

Arlene Brown is a dedicated and relatable professional with a passion for ensuring others are seen, heard, valued and understood. With an affinity for strategic planning, storytelling and community engagement, she is truly the sum of all her experiences. 

As a resident of Knightdale, she is inspired by all the town has to offer. From partnering with the Crosby-Garfield Center as a Community Leadership Action Team member to being the Interim Board Chair of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of the Triangle, (YNPN Triangle NC), she has thick ties to many sources of servant leadership. What’s even better is she wants to share it all with you!

Arlene, her husband Richard and their sweet dog Stella are excited to welcome newcomers to the great Raleigh area, and we’d like to invite you to please come be our neighbor! [learn more]

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Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen is the editor of Raleigh Convergence.

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