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Converging Stories is seeking storytellers for October event

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Live, first-person storytelling is a rich tradition to build empathy, understanding and community between neighbors.

With Converging Stories, a community storytelling series, Raleigh Convergence and our partner Transfer Company invite anyone who is a part of the Raleigh community to submit a story within an event’s theme to be coached and told live! 

We’re now accepting storytelling submissions for potential storytellers for our October event.

The Oct. 26 theme, just in time for Halloween, is Fear. It’s our final planned live storytelling event for the 2020 Converging Stories season.

How to submit

Email a short, 100-word sketch of your true, first-person story idea around the theme to editor@raleighconvergence.com. The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. Sept. 27. 

Your submission doesn’t need to be a complete story or even fully fleshed out. 

The theme of Fear can be interpreted in many ways, whether that’s overcoming a personal fear or a literal tie to Halloween. 

Additional questions? Email editor@raleighconvergence.com

Past events:

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Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen is the editor of Raleigh Convergence.

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