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What type of mask works best at preventing spread of coronavirus?

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We know masks can help stop the spread of COVID-19. A Duke team studied the effectiveness of different types of masks and found some work better than others.

Photo Credit: Emma Fischer, Duke University

From the study
😷 The most effective mask is the fitted N95 without an exhalation valve (mask 14) followed by a surgical mask (mask 1). 
😷 The two-layer polypropylene apron mask (mask 4) and the Cotton-polypropylene-cotton mask (mask 5) were next effective. 
😷 The cotton masks also reduced the droplets released into the air.
😷  The least effective: The gaiter-type neck fleece (mask 11), which actually dispels more droplets in the air.

“We attribute this increase to the neck fleece dispersing larger droplets into several smaller droplets, therefore increasing the droplet count,” the study says. 

The neck gaiter industry isn’t happy, the News & Observer reports.

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