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Dix Park at 5 years: What’s next?

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DIx Park Master Plan. Courtesy MVVA.

It’s been 5 years since the City of Raleigh acquired the 308 acres for Dorothea Dix Park. So what’s next?

For the park’s 5-year anniversary, the Dix Park Conservancy — the city’s nonprofit partner in philanthropy and community engagement — shared some of its 2020 plans:

🌳 The design of the first major project of Dix Park begins: The Grand Plaza and Adventure Play Area, off Lake Wheeler Road, will include fountains, unique play structures, gathering spaces and public art.

The project will be a gateway to the park, off Lake Wheeler Road.

Watch the video:

Courtesy of Dix Park Conservancy

🌳 All Faiths Chapel renovation: This will be the first public building at Dix Park, will include an event space and gardens. It’s scheduled to open next year.

🌳 Connectivity to Chavis Park: Chavis Park, which is undergoing its own renovation that includes a new community center, will be connected to Dix Park from its Southeast Raleigh location through downtown to Dix Park. The Conservancy says that planning begins soon.

🌳 Studies to move forward on the Creek: One earlier element of the park would restore and enhance Rocky Branch creek, creating a waterfront experience connecting with the greenways and trails. The next steps are seeking grants around these feasibility studies.

🌳 New park amenities: Expect to see more signage that also speaks to the history of the land, plus more features this year that will add to the enjoyment of the park, such as “trails, picnic tables, shade structures, benches, grills, hammock groves, bike racks” and more.

What’s next: As the public-private partnership moves forward, a community committee will give insight and guidance on the master plan.

While the possibility of a parks bond was deferred, the Dix Park Conservancy plans to raise $10 million to move the project forward.

Timeline of Dix Park highlights over the last five years:

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