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From Scratch curates live conversations with creatives and changemakers in Raleigh

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From Scratch is a new live YouTube series from Oak City Productions, with one-on-one conversations between some of Raleigh’s notables.

The first episode featured Trophy Brewing’s Chris Powers and Union Special’s Andrew Ullom. Friday’s episode will feature Artsplosure program director Cameron Laws and artist Trey Ansley of Awsidy design.

Friday’s guests. Photos courtesy of Oak City Productions.

We asked Oak City Productions about the series. This interview has been lightly edited for clarity + length.

Raleigh Convergence: What’s the origin story of From Scratch? 

Oak City Productions’ Heather Burns: We (Heather Burns and Joe Bruno, partners at Oak City Productions) approached HQ Raleigh about transitioning their traditional panel-style monthly lunch and learn sessions to more of a talk-show format, in which we would facilitate more storytelling with dynamic conversations between 2 entrepreneurs and/or creatives about their origins, their pivots, and what they are doing creatively to make a difference in the community.  

RC: What does the format of bringing together two “diverse innovators, risk-takers, and move-makers” in Raleigh facilitate?   

OCP: The goal is to choose guests that are in OUR community doing innovative projects that may be relatively unknown — to bring together two people that come from entirely different industries or backgrounds — to show the community how much we actually have in common with one another.  This was the intention.  And then COVID-19 hit.  

We pivoted, like our guests, to a live feed show without an audience… for now. We launched our pilot using very little staff. This time I am hosting (and will continue hosting) to keep the conversation moving, but it’s really about our guests and all the amazing, diverse people that make Raleigh what it is today.  

RC: What do you hope to accomplish with these conversations? How do you hope people engage with From Scratch?  

OCP: Trey Ansley, one of our guests, described Raleigh as “a perfect mix of relaxed openness with the passion and drive of a city that is still undefined.”  

That is what we are trying to portray in this web series. 

We want to show the stories behind the City of Raleigh — the way culture, arts and the startup community can come together within our community to produce creative solutions through entrepreneurial endeavors… Taking some risks and making mistakes, but always driving towards positive change.  

The format will be on YouTube Live Friday at 12 p.m. and comments will be live, so feel free to chime in while watching. [watch here

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