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Who will replace Saige Martin on the Raleigh City Council? What’s next, updated.

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In a short meeting on Tuesday afternoon, the Raleigh City Council decided on the process to replace Saige Martin, the former City Councilor for District D.

Saige resigned after four allegations of sexual misconduct, including two incidences of assault, were reported by the News & Observer. The Wake County district attorney asked the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation to review the allegations against Saige. [News & Observer]

The Raleigh City Council will appoint a replacement, consistent with the city code.

What’s next: Applications are now open for the vacant seat. Qualifications include being 21 or older, must live in District D for 30 days or longer, and must be registered to vote in Wake County.

“I would urge anyone who is passionate about serving to please apply,” Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin said in closing Tuesday’s meeting.

The application deadline is 4 p.m. Friday, July 10.

A virtual Town Hall will be at 3 p.m. on Sunday, July 12, and include the top five candidates as determined by Raleigh City Council members.

Submit questions for the virtual town hall on the city’s site.

The council will then vote on how they will appoint to the District D seat on July 14th.

You can also contact the Raleigh City Council at raleighcitycouncilmembers@raleighnc.gov to reach all members or find individual contact info here.

The District D councilmember represents a district that includes a large swath of central and southwest Raleigh. District D includes parts of Downtown Raleigh, Boylan Heights, around Dorothea Dix Park, NC State and Cameron Village. [see a map]

Previously, Kay Crowder represented District D but lost the most recent re-election. She has already expressed interest in stepping in with an online petition. Other candidates Brittany Bryan, the third-most vote getter, and April Parker also ran for District D in the most recent election.

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