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#RaleighRises: Together We Can, Raleigh

IMPORTANT NOTE: Raleigh Convergence is no longer publishing, as of April 1, 2022. Read more.

Raleigh Convergence is one of the partners in #RaleighRises, a grassroots organization of entrepreneurs and community activists seeking to provide free, targeted assistance to help you navigate both the impact economic catastrophe and the numerous aid resources being deployed at this time.

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First up: If you are a small business owner who has attempted to apply for loans from banks in the Central NC region, please help other business owners by sharing your experience in the shared spreadsheet.

As more people enter info into the spreadsheet, it will become a more valuable tool for others. “Our intent is to create a crowdsourced, hyper local resource for any small business owners seeking loans in our area. Your response is anonymous. If you’d like to see statewide aggregated data, please check out this resource as well: covidloantracker.com/data.”

Previously: If you attended #RaleighReacts, an early iteration and training around SBA loans, this is the same group. [watch: What bank should I use for my loan?]

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Why Raleigh Convergence is involved with #RaleighRises:

Now, more than ever, local media should be a collaborative, constructive part of our community. Raleigh Convergence is by definition Raleigh coming together.

Especially now, as local news goes through a massive transformation hastened by the pandemic, it’s time to set local journalism values for the future that better serve communities.

With that, Raleigh Convergence seeks to be a transparent facilitator in seeking solutions.

Raleigh Convergence believes in strengthening our community, celebrating what makes us unique and thoughtfully examining ways we can do better for everyone. [Learn more about our values]
–Sarah Day 

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Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen is the editor of Raleigh Convergence.

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