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How to find a job now in Raleigh

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find a job in raleigh

Looking for a job? WorkInTheTriangle.com is a resource for you.

The site launched in 2011 to attract and retain talent to the region, but when the COVID-19 crisis began affecting our business community, the team behind the site shelved a planned rebranding for a site that works for the community’s needs now.

Raleigh Convergence asked Wake County Economic Development’s Kristin Skiba, Marketing Coordinator, more about the efforts.

RC: Share a bit about Work in the Triangle. Who is it for, and how do you hope it helps?

KS: Work in the Triangle launched in 2011 as a talent attraction and retention initiative as part of Wake County Economic Development’s larger economic development strategy. The initiative is managed by Wake County Economic Development (a program of the Raleigh Chamber.)

The site has served as a platform for prospective talent to find jobs in the Research Triangle and has been a useful tool to share with companies moving or expanding in the region. …

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the team quickly created a page on the site to be a central location for resources related to unemployment, reskilling, open and immediate jobs, etc. We will be promoting this page on a daily basis while also continuing our weekly virtual career fair (on Twitter), Triangle Tuesdays.

RC: Could you share a bit more about what virtual career fairs are like and highlight some of the other resources to find a job?

KS: Our virtual career fair, Triangle Tuesdays features job postings from around the Triangle region. Jobs are posted frequently through the day (Tuesdays) and link to applications.

Job openings vary across experience, industry and include full time and part time positions. You can find us on Twitter at @WorkTriangleNC and LinkedIn (Work in the Triangle.)

We also select what we call “hot” jobs and highlight on our website every Wednesday.

RC: How should essential businesses that are hiring engage with you? Are there other resources you’re looking for now?

KS: Essential Businesses who are hiring should contact Kristin Skiba (kskiba@raleighchamber.org) with any employment opportunities, volunteer needs, or information about virtual learning events.

Work in the Triangle’s goal during the COVID-19 crisis is to promote any/all resources that the community can use to help get back to work or make a career change.

Learn more:

Wake County Economic Development blog’s COVID-19 Employment Resources blog series, with posts from hiring firms like Greene Resources, Vaco, and The Nautical Group. 

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