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The Good Hub POP UP models future Activate Good volunteer-centric HQ

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Imagine a space where you could learn about the needs of the Raleigh community, make authentic connections with others volunteering for good and take action to make a difference.

That’s the philosophy behind The Good Hub POP UP from volunteer matchmaking nonprofit Activate Good.

In case you haven’t heard of Activate Good, they work with 500 local charitable organizations, connecting Raleighites with volunteer opportunities on their website and though organizing service events.

The Good Hub POP UP is going on now through the end of April in a temporary space where it’s testing out some of the concepts they’d build in a permanent space.

The Good Hub POP UP

The idea comes from the needs for “more opportunities for authentic, in-person connections,” said Amber Smith, the executive director of Activate Good.

When you walk through the pop-up, you’ll find:

  • An interactive station to explore information. For example, food insecurity statistics and how to help those community needs.
  • A few turnkey community projects you can help with right there, including detailed instructions.
  • A kids area with projects designed for children ages 3-12, such as drawing portraits of adoptable shelter dogs. The space also includes family discussion prompts, a beneficial tool for teaching little volunteers.
  • A volunteer connections lounge, with small, business card-sized volunteer opportunities, to help jumpstart conversation.
  • A small shop to with Activate Good gear, such as the community-building kindness yard sign.

The Good Hub POP UP serves as a prototype for the vision of a 10,000-15,000 square-foot space.

The full version is also envisioned to include:

  • A resource library to share tools and supplies, so a project with a tight budget isn’t making that hardware store purchase for a tool a group will use once.
  • More interactive learning exhibits about local issues.
  • On-site volunteer programming for all, regardless of age or abilities.
  • Sign-up kiosks for volunteer opportunities.
  • Space for community meetings, volunteer trainings and connections.
  • A co-working space for nonprofits (though the public-engaging space is the focus).
Renderings of the potential space

Amber estimates the cost will be about $1.1 million to upfit a space, so The Good Hub POP UP is just the first step in the process.

How to get involved now with The Good Hub POP UP:

Want to learn more?: thegoodhub.org

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