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Alphabet murals adding letters to Raleigh buildings

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E letter mural in Downtown Raleigh
Photo credit: Morgan Cook

Downtown Raleigh murals are nothing new, but this series is a little different.

You may have noticed a couple vowels — specifically, an E and an A — appear on Raleigh buildings.

These large scale public art projects are part of artist Morgan Cook’s The Alphabet Project, and there will be more to come. 

Morgan, whose background is in martial arts before starting MCK Studios, hopes to “change the perception of an artist with a spraycan” while creating something for the community.

The bright murals speak to Morgan’s style: “My focus is in typography and illustration, bold lines, bright colors and my early roots in graffiti shape my practice today.”

The first mural was an A on the side of Alibi + Lilac salon at 303 N. Boylan Street. The E mural, recently completed, is on the side of the Lincoln Theatre in the heart of Downtown Raleigh. 

You can follow along with the artist’s work @artofmck. Morgan said the next few letters will be visible from the greenway — stay tuned. 

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