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Portia W. Rochelle: At-large candidate questionnaire answers

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Read below for at-large Raleigh City Council candidate Dr. Portia Rochelle’s answers to the Raleighites Agenda. See the at-large candidates’ answers here.

The Raleighites Agenda, a community-powered questionnaire, includes questions from Raleigh residents. For more questions on the process, visit this post.

QUESTION 1: For at-large and mayoral candidates: What is your vision for the future of the city? (What will Raleigh look like in 10-20 years?) Once in office, what actions will be your priority to achieve that vision?

Vision for the future of the city is to become the city for people who live here.  Focus on safe for all, compact to become incredibly livable and pleasurable and more financially sustainable.

QUESTION 2: What’s the impact on traffic of the rapid high-rise development in downtown, and what are you doing to avoid the gridlock we’re seeing too often? How would you improve walkability, especially in the urban core?

Focus on having more of all things (jobs, schools, business, shopping, transportation, medical, entertainment, etc.) for people in areas where they live.

QUESTION 3: According to the Arts & Economic Impact Study 5, the nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in Raleigh generated $532 million in economic activity, representing 95% of the total activity for Wake County in fiscal year 2015.  The creative economy also supports over 8,00 full-time equivalent jobs in Raleigh and generates $26 million in tax revenue for local government.  

What is your vision for the arts and the role they would play in Raleigh’s overall economic development strategy?

If study is true, then the arts role will be the lead for how the overall economic development strategy should impact the other  5% performance.

QUESTION 4: What is your vision for Raleigh 20 years from now? Development will happen whether you support it or not — so what is next? What is the big idea? What is YOUR big idea?

The big idea is to stop focusing on the 1950-1960 building of manufacturing jobs, bigger highways and roads to move more cars, and more single family houses for families. ‘Go compact.’

QUESTION 5: With rising costs for parking and rent, what will you do to help keep independent, locally-owned shops in downtown Raleigh from being swallowed up by larger chains?

Think about capping increases in annual tax assessment year after year unless the property changes hands.

Dr. Portia W. Rochelle is an at-large candidate for Raleigh City Council. Her campaign website is rochelleforraleigh.com.

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